15 Powerful Shifts To Help You Reconnect With Your Authentic Self (HavingTime.com Feature)

reconnect with your authentic self

15 Powerful Shifts to reconnect with your authentic self

 (Having Time Feature)

"For years I lived my life based on what other people would think of me. It affected all parts of my life from where I want to college, to the jobs I chose, the quality of my relationships, activities that I participated in, and even what foods that I ate.

It’s no surprise that I turned into a bland, watered-down version of myself and felt completely lost. After battling depression and a general unhappiness with my life, I decided enough was enough.

I began taking a journal of every time I chose to do something I didn’t genuinely want to do. Once I created this awareness, I was able to make different choices. I found clarity on who I was as a person, my confidence grew, and I began to embrace who I truly was.

You were born to be you, not someone else. "

Check out these 15 Powerful Shifts To Help You Reconnect With Your Authentic Self HERE.


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5 Steps To Your Dream Career




5 Steps to Your Dream Career


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Erica Carrico

About Erica

Erica Carrico is a certified heart-centered Career & Life Purpose Coach, free spirit, star gazer, mommy of 2, and world traveler. 

Through coaching services, speaking, and writing, Erica supports awakening souls to ignite their fire, reconnect with their soul, unveil their purpose, and transition into a career that is in alignment with who they truly are. Grab her FREE workbook 5 Steps to Your Dream Career. 

Erica has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management, a life-coaching certification, 10+ years experience in international recruitment and nonprofit leadership, 2 successful career changes under her belt, and knows her purpose here on earth is to help you live yours.