8 Diet Changes I Made to Fuel My Purpose

8 Diet Changes I Made to Fuel My Purpose

8 Diet Changes I Made To Fuel My Purpose

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Soul.” ~ Anonymous

You may be thinking to yourself right now, "How can what we eat possibly influence our life purpose?" Let me explain.

I spent my entire 20's bouncing around jobs, in and out of relationships, and couldn’t stay in one place longer than 2 years at a time. I was so restless and was always searching for happiness.

Among the chaos, I knew deep down that I was here for something bigger, that my life had a purpose, but I couldn’t seem to figure out what that was. Looking back now, I see it so clearly. I was so focused on the external chaos that I wasn’t taking care of what mattered most – my body, my health, and in turn - my heart and my soul.

I was disrespecting my body by yo-yo dieting and constantly criticizing myself, when I should have been fueling it with beautiful, healing, nutritious foods and developing a loving relationship with myself.

The food I was putting into my body was not only causing me unnecessary stress, anxiety, brain fog, depression, and the inability to think clearly, it was actually hindering my ability to live my purpose

My mind wouldn’t focus properly and I always felt tired - like I was living in a bubble. I was so out of balance and felt like I was trapped on a hamster wheel.     

Diet Changes To Fuel Your Purpose

My big wakeup call finally came when I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on my kidney. Anytime we are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, we are forever changed. We have a whole new perspective and appreciation for our incredible bodies, for our lives, for our time here on earth. We gain clarity around what matters most and have a newfound respect for our beautiful bodies.  

Before my diagnosis, the foods I ate were geared more towards staying thin rather than fueling my body, fueling my brain. Shifting my mindset from eating to be thin, to eating to be heathy, was everything. I began reading books, blogs, studies, and journals until I found what really resonated with me.

Here are the changes I’ve made that have allowed me to step fully into my power and feel healthier than ever (please note that I am not a health practitioner and don’t play one on the internet. Please always check with your doctor or healthcare professional before drastically changing your diet or taking any supplement):

8 Diet Changes I Made To Fuel My Purpose

1. I stopped eating dairy

Our bodies aren’t biologically designed to consume dairy as an adult. As babies, we are designed to nurse through our toddler years and in the natural world wouldn’t have access to milk after that. Dairy is a leading cause of inflammation in our bodies.

2. I ditched the gluten

This was one bandwagon I never thought I would jump on. I thought it was a trend and that gluten didn’t affect me since I didn’t have digestion problems or a diagnosed gluten sensitivity. I still eat quinoa, rice, and sometimes oatmeal, but limit it to once per day.  

3. I said farewell to sugar

I didn’t eat a lot of sugar before my cancer diagnosis, but I would have a little bit every day. Everyone asks me if it was hard to go cold turkey, and honestly it wasn’t. I didn’t feel like I was restricting myself since I had shifted my mindset to fueling my body. My taste for it eventually diminished and sometimes I even find fruit to be too sweet.

4. I eat lots of healthy fats

There are mixed studies on this so, as always, we must choose what feels best for us. I have an avocado for breakfast, add coconut oil to my coffee or tea, and add grass-fed ghee to my smoothies.

5. I limit meat and chicken 

When I do eat meat (or chicken), it’s pastured, organic, or grass-fed. And I usually only have it a couple times per week rather than at most meals.

6. I only buy local or organic produce (and load up on greens!)

Beautiful, organic produce fuels the body whereas chemically-sprayed produce does not. Our grocery bill did increase, but it’s so worth it. Without our heath, what do we have?

7. I cut back on alcohol

I still have a glass or two of wine on the weekends, but never more than 2, and usually not more than 2 days per week. It’s all about moderation for me and finding a balance that makes me feel like I’m still enjoying my life. I still love sitting outside with my husband and chatting over a bottle of wine.

8. I safely supplement

The need for supplements will vary widely from person to person, but with the deficiencies in our soil and food supply there are some usual common denominators that it seems many people benefit from. Along with a daily probiotic and dose of turmeric golden paste, I follow most of the Root Cause Protocol which is basically all about restoring the body's natural magnesium levels. 

How Have these changes fueled my purpose?

Fueling my body with nourishing foods has made a profound difference in my life. My energy levels raised, my brain fog cleared, and I now have the ability to focus. I naturally stay thin, I’m happy most of the time, my brain is clear (even when my kids are up all night), I have so much more consistent energy and the dreaded afternoon fatigue is a thing of the past. Bloating is gone, mood swings around my menstrual cycle have decreased substantially, anxiety and depression symptoms have decreased significantly.

Erica Meditation.JPG

I’ve found my creative flow for the first time in my life and am putting meaningful work out into the world. I finally feel healthy and my mind is clear enough to be able to harness the power and love within my own heart. I’m able to connect with my soul, with my spirit, and break through all of those limiting beliefs that held me back for so long. I’m able to live my purpose and follow my dreams.

After shifting my mindset from eating to stay thin, to eating to fuel my body, I really began to love myself. There’s so much more flow, and ease, no more right or wrong...just balance and space to do what feels right. I treat my body with the beautiful respect it deserves, and in turn, it supports me to live my purpose and carry out my much-needed work in the world. Once I fully embraced fueling my body, I realized my power. You can do this too - I know you can. 

So much love to you,

Erica x

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