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Erica Carrico is an international Career Shifter & Life Purpose Coach, world traveler, adventure seeker, free spirit, and mommy of 2. 

Through coaching services, speaking, and writing, Erica helps wholistic and spiritual professionals who are frustrated and stuck in the wrong career, escape the rat race so they can finally earn a living doing what they absolutely love. What they were put on earth to do. Grab her FREE workbook 5 Steps to Your Dream Career. 

Erica has a BS in Psychology, an MS in Nonprofit Management, a life-coaching certification, 5+ years in international recruitment, 2 successful career changes under her own belt, has traveled through over 50 different countries, and is obsessed with helping people live lives full of passion, purpose, freedom, and adventure.

Emerging Coach of the Year Erica Carrico

To follow more of Erica’s work visit her at her WEBSITE HERE. You can also find her hanging out on FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM, and LINKED IN.

Erica Carrico

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Erica Carrico