“We accomplished more that I though we could, and I am so grateful. Erica helped me to do some things that I hadn't been able to do my whole life. Like letting go of different self defeating beliefs about myself, and figuring out my life purpose, and empowering me to embrace it. That is so HUGE!!! 

Working with Erica was such a wonderful experience. After our initial consultation, I knew right away that she was the person that I wanted to work with.

Evan Jones.jpg

Erica has an incredibly positive energy, and I quickly learned how infectious and magnetic it was. The way that she believed in me was very authentic.

Under he guidance I felt my spirits lift, and my confidence and courage increase as I began to reconnect with myself, and become grounded with who I am as a person. 

Erica was a guiding light when I was lost in one of the darkest places I have ever been, and four months later I am doing things I would never have done before, with a well of courage and sense of purpose that I have never experienced. 

I have new direction towards a career that I know I am going to love, and I love who I am again.  I feel like I don't have the words to properly express how that feels. It's incredibly profound.”


I figured out what business to start and launched before our time was up!

Working with Erica has been an absolute joy and I have truly loved every minute of it.  I felt comfortable with her from the very beginning and she brought such genuine warmth, support and excitement for me every step of the way.

Dawn Lodder.jpg

Before working with Erica I had an idea about the type of business I wanted to start but was stuck because I was not 100% sure that the it was the right oneI kept doubting that I was capable of running a successful business and also thinking that I might be missing something and that maybe I should do something else.

Erica asked perfect questions and guided me to gaining the clarity I needed to know for certain that I had made the right decision.  Her experience of setting up an online business was also a huge resource for me and knowing that I had our sessions coming up helped keep me accountable for my actions, particularly in the beginning when it all seemed so impossible to achieve.  

But it wasn’t impossible to achieve, and at the end of our time together I launched my online business!  

I really couldn’t have done it without Erica.  Not only with gaining clarity about my business, but also gaining the confidence in myself and overcoming my self-doubt.  Her questioning and intuitive insight helped me to think deeply about the beliefs I held about myself and challenge them. 

Thank you so much Erica; you have a huge place in my heart xx

 Dawn Lodder - Creating a Vibrant Life

Travis Barton.jpg

Erica is a game-changer

Adventurous, fierce, and compassionate are just a few words I would use to describe Erica.

But being a woman who walks her talk and lives with complete integrity, she is more than that, Erica is a game changer, a force that has not only the tools to completely unleash your purpose, but most importantly, the spirit and energy to effectively and completely change lives as well.

If you're looking for a coach, my advice is that you want someone who shows up into their own world in a powerful way, not just tells you to... And if you'll take my advice, Erica is absolutely that coach

Travis Barton

Your very own Pandora's Box will blow your mind; Erica hands you the key

Jill Andersen

Desperate need for clarity led me to Erica. I was done with corporate life and had already jumped ship to freelance. I sought to enjoy variety, freedom and creativity in my work life, but something was still nagging at me. Parts of my new venture felt forced, though the foundation of my offerings was what I had done my entire career. I couldn’t put my thumb on my ‘thing’. 

Through working with Erica, I figured it out!! My purpose, my "thing", and a soul-based business I'm jumping into heart-first.

The biggest change since working with Erica is the many little changes. My life is authentically ME. I am excited about the future and feel like I’m one of those people I used to roll my eyes at. You know, the ones who say “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Yep. I’m one of them now. The biggest revelation is that life is one whole ‘thing’ – allowing my soul and spirit to be active in what I do for my business brings everything full circle. I don’t have masks for each part of life anymore. 

Erica excels at creating a welcoming space full of respect, openness, excitement, positivity and encouragement.  She knows no judgment.  Erica allows you to freely unpack ideas, talents, secret dreams, fears, uncertainties and everything in between. 

Waiting is the worst decision you’re making.  DO IT NOW. The investment is a down payment on changing your life (which sounds completely cheesy, but is as true as the gorgonzola is blue. I’m a foodie, I know these things). Your very own Pandora’s box will blow your mind; Erica hands you the keys.

Jill Andersen

I re-discovered – and – re-invented myself!!

When I met Erica, I was craving a massive life change – even if it meant a shift in mindset. I had no confidence to apply to jobs in the field I dreamed to be in and I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own. I was throwing myself in and out of jobs just to make money and not to follow my passion.

Cindy Driver.jpg

 I am so grateful to have met Erica. She shifted my mindset from day one. When I said I couldn’t do something or that I didn’t know if I could, she was there to tell me that I can! In a matter of weeks, I went from skeptical about changing my life – to totally unstoppable and driven! Erica taught me how to manifest my dreams and now, doing that feels natural.

She brought humor to all of our conversations and helped me become realistic about my goals. Erica helped me out immensely with resume building, job searching, and the interviewing process, which gave me the confidence to start a steady job search, all while checking in with her during the process. After our sessions, I had all the tools I needed in my toolbox to be on my way to a solid dream career.

She helped me lay out concrete plans on how I was going to start eating healthier and develop a strong fitness regimen. We got started right away and I changed my dietary lifestyle overnight. I went from an emotional eater to having total control on what I was putting in my body and I never thought I would do that in my life! 

My biggest achievement was realizing who I truly was again. After working with Erica, I am now confident that I can do anything that I set my mind to. I feel insanely proud of myself as a result.

I highly recommend her to someone who needs a major life change but doesn’t know how to start. She is patient, kind and possesses the gift to help others. I was blessed to have Erica as my coach. The best part is she was like a sister to me that I could talk to about anything! Having someone who will deeply listen while I talk things through has been the best gift I have given myself in years!  

Cindy Driver, On-Air Radio Personality

I found my puropse, my passion, my dream career...

i found myself

Before I began working with Erica, I was stuck in the biggest rut I had ever been in. I lost all sense of what being me was. I was overwhelmed with my life and didn’t know how to fix it. I did whatever everyone else wanted. I acted how others wanted me to. I forced myself to fit in even though I was uncomfortable and unhappy. There were a lot of negatives in my life and I couldn’t get past them..I just dug deeper and deeper into that hole. I knew I needed help, not only with a career, but with life and I knew deep down that she could get me to where I needed.

Angie .jpg

The biggest achievement while working with Erica was finally realizing that I am living my life for me and not for anyone else. This probably seems obvious to everyone else but I struggled with it because deep down I didn’t want to let anyone down. I put myself last and focused on what others needed from me. This made me lose who I truly was and what I loved to do.  Erica spotted right away that I was an empath and an introvert.  I never really understood what being an empath was and thought it was such a terrible thing to be an introvert.  I mean, who really wants to be the weird person? That was my thought. While working with Erica, I realized that being an introvert is a blessing and I needed to embrace it full on! She lit a fire deep down inside me that had been burned out for a while.

It’s hard to narrow down one big change that I experienced while working with Erica because so many things shifted in my life.  Living with confidence, creativity, balance, and passion have changed my life in a way I never thought it could.  I always thought I knew what it was like to be me, but after working with Erica I know that now I am 100% my genuine self (almost) 100% of the time and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  

I love, love, love Erica and everything that she has helped me accomplish. She was the perfect person that was brought into my life when I needed her the most and I couldn’t be more grateful. The days that we had our calls were my favorite days. I could feel my energy shift and I was ready to conquer the world! Erica opened my eyes to a whole new life and the freedom & happiness I had always hoped for. She helped me realize my passion and purpose and I can honestly say that I am excited for my future! If you are unhappy with how things are going for you or are, like myself, stuck in a never ending black hole, call Erica. Do it now! You will not regret it!! She is a fantastic person to have on your side in life! 

Angie Armstead

I landed my dream job, in a new industry, with a $20k pay rise

Daniel Ingstrom (1).jpg

I came to Erica after changing jobs almost every 3 years for the past 15 years. I was caught in the cycle of taking a job, becoming restless, starting my job search, only to end up taking a position similar to the one I was in, because I kept getting rejected from the jobs and industries I REALLY wanted to be in.

The first 3 months we worked on my mindset and my life. Once I was in a happier place, we tackled my job search. Erica has a wealth of knowledge around resumes, job searching, working with recruiters, and interviewing. Through our last 3 months together, I became confident in the process and knew this time was going to be different. This time I was not going to settle.

I landed my dream job, in a new industry, paying $20,000 more that what I was on before. I could not be more grateful for my 6 months with Erica. She changed my life in so many ways.

Daniel Ingstrom

i unveiled my purpose and found my dream career

"Erica is a magical, loving, ball of light that shines so bright that it can’t help but reach the people around her! For me, seeking Erica’s support was a no brainer. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, or what my purpose was. Through our series together, I unveiled that I am here to spread love and light through yoga and Reiki and am well on my way! The biggest internal shift I witnessed was my confidence in myself. Knowing I am pursuing my life’s purpose from here on out has made me so confident in myself! Erica’s genuine authenticity speaks to my soul. Whether it be saying just the right words, or leading me right into a thought or conversation I needed to have with myself. I really loved how Erica let me come to my own conclusions on action items. Instead of doing the work for me, she let me really feel areas that needed and wanted attention. Her patience is unwavering and that alone is more than I could have asked for in this process. Every little thing about our sessions were the breeding grounds for me to tackle my big goals little by little. I truly cannot say it enough thank you thank you thank you. Love always!!!"

Amber Feldmann – Yoga Teacher & Reiki Practitioner

I found the perfect career and life path for me

Sara Knott

"From our first meeting, Erica really made me very comfortable. Her wonderful warm energy is incredibly inviting. I was able to open up to her in ways I was not able to with anyone else. She encouraged me to think about what it was I wanted to do, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them, ultimately finding the perfect career/ life path for me. She worked with me to create strategies for changing old habits and patterns, but constructively challenges my preconceptions.

Erica always makes the effort and frequent goes above and beyond to ensure you are getting what you need out of your sessions with her. From the first moment you meet with Erica you feel inspired. Her encouraging and open demeanor I was stuck in a rut with so many ideas and no true concrete direction. Erica’s coaching resulted in my challenging long and deeply held beliefs and assumptions I had no idea I even had. Assumptions about what success was supposed to look like, and what I needed to do to achieve success on my own terms. Our coaching sessions resulted in my having to really breakdown some personal barriers/walls so I could realize my potential and truly more authentic life.

Through intense active listening and intuition Erica was able to accurately understand my situation. She helped me to get clear about what I wanted in a business and asked questions where I needed to be challenged. Utilizing her incredible knowledge base she provided valuable suggestions when I needed practical advice. Erica is incredibly easy to work with. I would recommend Erica’s coaching for anyone seeking focus and clarity for their personal & professional lives. Erica is great at helping you create a vision of where you want to go and providing practical and tangible advice to get you there. I am blessed to call her my friend."

Sara Knott - Transformative Guide & Spiritual Teacher

I'm now starting the business of my dreams 

"Working with Erica has been such a joy, and a privilege, something I have looked forward to each and every session. She is such a warm, generous and supportive coach, mentor and now friend. 


Thanks to her guidance, I'm now starting the business of my dreams, I have a recognition that I can do anything I put my mind to, I have finished writing my first novel, and I have a genuine belief that life doesn’t happen to you but happens for you, and that living with intention is the only way to go from here on.

More than that, I have someone I know will always support me, be my coach going forward, and who is a friend I will keep in touch with and updated as I walk my path going forward."

James Gomm

I'm on my path to my dream career and fulfilling my purpose 

Foley Mackey.png

"Before working with Erica, I would read every article I found on “How to find/pursue/ignore/make money from/formulate your life’s passion/purpose/destiny/higher-calling” and it was so defeating! Reading these articles only enforced the feeling that this is possible, but only increased the weight of the disappointment I was feeling about not knowing what mine was...and it was Dragging. Me. Dooooown! It wasn’t until I started working with Erica that I recognized that behavior in itself was a block. 

I was also doing things in my life that I didn’t necessarily want, but felt obligated to do. “I should go to college”, “I should take this corporate job”, etc. The thing that was so interesting to me about learning I had this block, was how Erica taught it to me. In those moments, intentional or not, she taught me that I need to remember to be compassionate towards myself. When your self-talk is as negative as mine often was, it could be almost anxiety producing. I was living my days not only thinking these negative things about myself, but truly believing everyone around me must feel that way about me too. It is amazing how I now feel completely at peace in negative situations. Removing blocks opens up a lot more options and has really helped me see the full spectrum of opportunities available to me. It has also allowed me to be much more in tune with my intuition. I am getting better at trusting my inner guide because I have fewer blocks working against it. 

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Erica. I’m at peace now knowing I’m on my path to my dream career and fulfilling my purpose."

Foley mackey

I already knew my dream career, but needed clarity, direction and a plan

"I recommend Erica to anyone who wants someone on their side, smart guidance, and beautiful encouragement. I came to the realization that I wanted to go big: be a successful entrepreneur and use my books to fulfill my purpose of spreading beauty and joy in the world. Erica has been a huge help to me as I transition into and launch my business, providing me with the support and guidance I was looking for. She helped me set goals and stay positive and motivated.  When I was feeling discouraged she help me identify the issues, and create a step-by-step plan. I looked forward to our meetings and sometimes knowing they were almost there gave me the fire I needed to complete my action items. She was also excellent at acknowledging my accomplishments and recommending I celebrate them. My business has become more profitable during my time with her."

Corrine Fosnaugh – Author, www.dogandcatauthor.com

Mary Jo Deprey.jpg

Finding purpose in retirement

"My life has been as a caregiver in my career and as a mother to my children. Children grow up and now I’m retired. I felt as though I had lost my purpose without anyone to care for. I needed direction as to how to care for myself and feel inspired moving forward. Erica came into my life and helped me to see options I had not considered. With her positive attitude and inspiring voice, she suggested and encouraged me to explore new ideas. I’m so happy to report I’m doing much better with my life as I move through the golden years. I would highly recommend Erica – I may even need her again in my world. She has all the right stuff. Thank you Erica."

Mary Jo Deprey

making a career change after 30 no longer terrifies me because i have a plan

"I came to Erica after being in my career for about 10 years. I hadn't felt happy for a really long time and I knew I needed to make a change. I just had no idea where to start since I'm interested in so many different things and making a career change after 30 felt pretty intimidating.

Erica helped me realize that I want to start my own business, and we've created a path for me to move into that full-time within the next 6 months. The biggest change I've experienced since working with Erica is the confidence I feel in making the change - it no longer terrifies me since I have a plan. She helped me work through so many blocks that have been subconsciously holding me back. I love how easy Erica is to talk to, her wisdom, how comfortable she made me feel, and her encouragement when I was having my mini freakouts.

She has become a friend that I value so much. I would recommend Erica to anyone wanting to find a new meaningful career, or someone looking to find their purpose in life. Erica will help get you there. Love you girl!!!"

Lindsey Erickson 

Erica has helped me remember who I am

Sharon Price

“I was on the verge of retiring after 19 years in a corporate environment. I was feeling insecure and could not think of a way forward to earn extra income in my retirement years. I have always been a creative, positive person but had lost myself over the years. Erica has helped me remember who I am. She has inspired me more than words can say and helped me align once again with my positive energy. With her help I am looking forward to exploring my own creativity and embarking on my new “retirement adventure. 

The best part of working with Erica is that she has helped me believe in myself again. She is a great listener and gently guided me to decisions and pointed me in the right direction to discover my life’s purpose. I am looking forward to exploring these options. I would advise anybody who needs guidance in a new career or simply to live a better fulfilling life, to contact and work with Erica. She will encourage you to dig deep into your soul and to be the best you can be. I know I have found a valued friend in Erica for life and could not thank the Universe more for bringing us together “

Sharon Price

Jane Buresh


"Erica is supportive, engaging, motivating, a great coach, and has such a wonderful way of speaking, supporting, and being present for another person. I came to Erica because I was trying to gain clarity in my life on myself, my career path and find my way through my blocks that were keeping me from my health and self-care goals. 

I wanted someone to guide and support me and hold me accountable to myself because I had lack of focus, no clarity, frustration, and low self-esteem. After my first session with Erica, I knew that my issues all boiled down to my mindset and self-talk, and if I could find my way through that, I could work toward tangible goals. I now catch myself in negative thought patterns and I have the tools and self-belief that I can get myself back to a peaceful state faster. Erica is a Sherpa of self-love."


I now know I truly can achieve what I really want to achieve in my life

Megan Luchtel

"The biggest impact going through coaching was the empowerment and guidance it gave me to navigate aspects of my life that I had always wanted to look into, but had no idea where to start. Having Erica guide and encourage me through mindset blocks I had always wanted to conquer was a huge help and asset. She really listened, didn’t push me, but empowered me and encouraged me in a way that made me believe in myself that I truly can achieve what I really wanted to achieve in my life.

Erica was a great coach because she is sincerely passionate about people. She was always encouraging me, incredibly intentional, challenging yet understanding, and you get a person with a huge heart for helping people become their best selves when you get Erica. I highly recommend her to someone who needs an encouraging voice in their life. She has a gift for pointing out your gifts and revealing a potential you may not have noticed in yourself.  The wonderful thing about coaching is that it’s not you giving over your struggles and asking someone to fix them, instead it’s someone saying “Hey I see your potential, let me help you help yourself” so that at the end of this you can look back and say I did that, I changed my life for the better."

Megan Luchtel  

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