Powerful + Foolproof Ways to Get to Know Yourself on a Deeper Level (Learn Evolve Thrive Feature)

Get to Know Yourself on a Deeper Level

Powerful + Foolproof Tips to Get to Know Yourself on a Deeper Level

 (Learn Evolve Thrive Feature)


“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you… so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.” ~Unknown

From the time we are little, we’re heavily influenced by our families, friends, teachers, and society.

Until we’re old enough to start making our own decisions, our family essentially decides everything about our lives. From what we wear, to what we eat, to where we live, to what activities or sports we participate in, and even our spiritual beliefs.

Whether we realize it or not, our families and friends usually influence major decisions in our lives even after we’ve moved away like what careers we choose, where we live, how we spend our money, and even relationships we remain in. For many of us, there’s a deep-seated desire to make our parents proud so we subconsciously make decisions in our lives to do just that. 

I remember turning 27 and feeling like I had hit a brick wall.

I was living in a beautiful little apartment in downtown Denver, working 60 hours a week in a successful corporate career. I had wonderful friends and from the outside looking in, my life seemed amazing. So why did I feel like something wasn’t right? Like something was off?

I was restless, anxious, and quite possibly depressed.

I felt like joy, love, and passion were missing from my life. I was trying to live everyone else’s dreams rather than my own. I had become a watered-down version of myself by living my life based on what I “should” be doing rather than what my heart was telling me to do.

That realization was what kick-started my journey of self-discovery – of really getting to know myself down to my core being.

If you’re feeling a bit lost, like you’ve been living your life based on everyone else’s dreams, here are a few tips to get back on track and really get to know yourself:

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5 Steps to Your Dream Career

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Erica Carrico

About Erica

Erica Carrico is an International Life Purpose Coach, world traveler, adventure seeker, free spirit, and mommy of 2. 

Through coaching services, speaking, and writing, Erica helps holistic & spiritual professionals who are frustrated and stuck in the wrong career, discover their life purpose and start a soul-aligned business so they can finally earn a living doing what they absolutely love. What they were put on earth to do. 

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Erica has a BS in Psychology, an MS in Nonprofit Management, life and career coaching certifications, 12+ years experience in business leadership and international recruitment, built a fully-booked soul-aligned business within a year, has traveled through over 50 different countries, and is obsessed with helping thousands of people all around the world live lives full of passion, purpose, freedom, and adventure. 

To follow more of Erica’s work, you can find her hanging out on FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM, and LINKED IN.