Life Outside Your Comfort Zone - Interview Feature

Life Outside Your Comfort Zone

Life Outside Your Comfort Zone

I'm super honored to be featured in an interview series this week by the beautiful and amazing Megan Seamans, a life coach and blogger who is passionate about helping women step outside of their comfort zone and into their purposeful life - we are twin flames! 

We all get tripped up by our comfort zone at some point in our lives, but learning to step outside of it is how we make our dreams come true. 

In the interview, we talk about my life before I started my entrepreneurial journey and how I came to the decision to start my own business. I tell you all about my own limiting beliefs and fears and how I've overcome them so they don't stand in the way of my dreams. And of course, an interview isn't an interview without bringing up challenges, failures, and a bit of encouragement to keep you moving down the path of pursuing your dreams as well! 

happy reading!

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