Embracing Loneliness

Embracing Loneliness

Embracing Loneliness

“In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.”

– Laurence Sterne

Loneliness is something we all face at certain points throughout our lives. It used to be an emotion I would try to avoid at all costs, and it’s an emotion that caused me an incredible amount of anxiety throughout most of my 20’s. I would reach for anything to fill the empty void: travel, relationships, shopping, alcohol, food, filling my schedule so I didn’t have a single minute to spare – only to find that the emptiness, the loneliness, was still there regardless. Sometimes it even came back stronger.

I’ve felt loneliness in several situations. While travelling by myself, after leaving college and moving cities, starting over in a new country. I’ve felt loneliness in a room full of people I know, and what surprised me the most, is that even with two kids and a husband, I hit a point where I was the loneliest I’ve ever been.

Through this, what I’ve come to learn is that loneliness isn’t filled by having a busy life or filled by having lots of people in our lives. Loneliness isn’t filled by anyone in our lives aside from ourselves.

Loneliness is a call to connect with our hearts. To connect with our souls. To learn to love ourselves and become our own best friends. It’s a call from our spirit, telling us that we’re not giving ourselves enough attention, and it’s time to turn inwards.

Read the full article on Conscious Movement where I share 4 ways I’ve learned to embrace my loneliness and use it as a vehicle for beautiful change and growth:

So much love and light,

Erica xx

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