15 Signs Its Time to Change Careers

15 Signs It's Time to Change Careers

15 Signs it's time to change careers

We’ve all been there – we’re sitting at work feeling totally bored, uninspired, staring at the slowly-moving clock and just daydreaming of that vacation we’re so desperately wanting to take. One day turns into two, which then turns into a week, and before you know it, an entire month has gone by and you still can’t find your inspiration.

How do you know if it’s just a phase you’re going through or if it’s really time to change careers? If you feel in your heart (or if you start nodding your head yes) to more than half of these signs, it’s time for you to start thinking about making a career change - it’s time to listen to what your heart has probably been telling you for quite some time.

15 Sign’s It’s Time to Change Careers

15.) Your current career or job doesn’t allow you to live the lifestyle you dream of. You want to spend more time with your kids, set your own hours, be free to travel whenever and wherever you want. 2/3 of our life is spent working – you want to do it in your own way, on your own terms rather than someone else’s.

14.) You wake up in the morning feeling exhausted, deflated, uninspired, and irritable, and have to convince yourself not to take another “sick” day.

13.) You live for the weekend – you end up wishing your days, weeks, months, and years away just living for the weekend. Wouldn’t it be nice to love every day of the week?

12.) You see other people on Facebook and Instagram living their dream lives and you feel jealousy, sadness, anxiety, and that annoying pit in your throat or stomach, and want to throw your phone at a wall.

11.) You’re naturally an ambitious, hard-working person but that fire, the drive, the excitement you once felt for your career has dimmed or completely burnt out. 

10.) The thought of spending the rest of your life in this career makes you want to cry.

9.) You know what your dream job is, but feel like there’s no way you could ever earn a living doing that.

8.) You think about quitting all the time, but feel guilty for wanting something more. I get it. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are (and probably invested years and money into your career).

7.) You see other people doing what you really want to be doing and have a strong emotional reaction like anger - that's often a sign we're meant to be doing what they are doing. We feel anger because we've held ourselves back.   

6.) You spend every evening with Netflix and a bottle of wine. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about this but not every night. It may be worth exploring what you're trying to tune out in your life.  

5.) You’ve been running your financial situation through your mind, trying to figure out how you can live the same lifestyle doing something else.

4.) On Sundays, you’re already dreading and worrying about the upcoming workweek (the Sunday Dread). This was a huge one for me. I used to cry every Sunday night in my corporate job. 

3.) You can’t sleep because you’re so stressed out and not sure how you’ll ever make it through another week.  

2.) Deep down you know you’re settling – you know you’re staying where you’re comfortable - but you’re afraid of the unknown, what will life will look like if you follow your heart.  

1.) You can no longer ignore that heavy feeling that pulls at your heart. You know you’re meant for more than just a career. This can’t be all there is to life. There’s a longing to find your purpose – your soul’s calling – and turn it into your life’s work. The idea of doing what you were put on earth to do feels like YES YES YES!

Do any of these time to change careers signs resonate with you?

How many – more than half? If yes, that is really fabulous news my friend (trust me!). How long have you been feeling this way? Weeks? Months? Maybe even years? Recognizing how you feel is the very first thing that needs to happen. Sometimes admitting that the situation we’ve created for ourselves isn’t working for us anymore, is the hardest part.

Realizing that the career we chose for ourselves in our 20’s is no longer in alignment with who we are in our 30’s and 40’s is scary. It means something has to change which may bring up all sort of doubts, worries, and fears....but it's super exciting as well!! Imagine waking up every day knowing you're doing what you love, what you were put on earth to do. Speaking from personal experience as someone who’s changed careers twice, there is no other way to go, no other way to live. I can promise you that.

So, Now What?

You may be thinking, “Well that’s great Erica, but what am I supposed to do now?” Whatever it is you want, you can get there, and sooner than you think. I help people every day trapped in the wrong career. If we can do this, so can you. There are couple first steps for you to take:

1.)    Download my FREE Workbook 5 Steps to Your Dream Career HERE, if you haven't done so already. It's full of tips, tools and resources to guide you to your dream career, and also help you transition into it.


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Erica Carrico is an International Life Purpose Coach, world traveler, adventure seeker, free spirit, and mommy of 2. 

Through coaching services, speaking, and writing, Erica helps holistic & spiritual professionals who are frustrated and stuck in the wrong career, discover their life purpose and start a soul-aligned business so they can finally earn a living doing what they absolutely love. What they were put on earth to do. 

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Erica has a BS in Psychology, an MS in Nonprofit Management, life and career coaching certifications, 12+ years experience in business leadership and international recruitment, built a fully-booked soul-aligned business within a year, has traveled through over 50 different countries, and is obsessed with helping thousands of people all around the world live lives full of passion, purpose, freedom, and adventure. 

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