VIP Day Intensive

An exclusive, customized, full-day of coaching with Erica designed specifically to propel you forward in your business


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Get unstuck and on track during an exclusive VIP Day where we focus solely on you and your business!

Within the first year of my coaching business, I was fully booked and running a 2-month waitlist. I was also able to triple my full-time income, quit my career as a non-profit executive, and move my family out to beautiful Colorado where I work remotely from home! 

If I was able to make this happen with 2 small babies at home, while working full-time, and recovering from a cancer diagnosis, you can make your business dreams a reality as well.

I’d love to show you how!

During a VIP Day, together we’ll take an in-depth look at your business, and map out a detailed strategy and plan to get you in action and create the success you want moving forward.

You get 6-8 hours of intensive, coaching, visioning, and planning with my hands in your business (literally!)!

You’ll leave our powerful day together with clarity and a physical roadmap of your next steps. Does it get much better than this??

Scheduling a VIP Day with Erica is easy!


Choose which VIP Day suits your needs

  • Soul Business Kickstart

    Together we create a detailed strategy to get your business off the ground and out into the world. You’ll come away knowing exactly what to do each week in your business in order to bring in a consistent stream of ideal clients! No more overwhelm trying to do #allthethings

  • 4 Soul-Aligned Ways to Get Clients so you can Uplevel Your Income
    There are certain marketing tactics to focus on in the beginning of your business vs. marketing tactics to focus on once you’re bringing in consistent income and have a larger following. In this VIP Day we get clear on 4 ways to get clients in the beginning stages of your business and create a plan to execute them.

  • Create Your Signature Workshop so you can Land More Ideal Clients

    One of the best ways to increase credibility, promote your business, build your list, and make in-person connections is through holding your own workshops. Once I started holding workshops, my business sky-rocketed! Together we’ll create your signature workshop (which can also be turned into a 20-minute talk!), learn how to make an irresistible offer to book discovery calls, research perfect places to hold your workshops, and create a plan to market them (hint: if you book them at the right places you don’t have to do much marketing!).

  • Craft Your Own Customized VIP Day

    If you have a specific area in your business you would like to focus on, we can create a VIP Day around that. Examples include list-building, creating a signature talk, getting published in the media, and more.

 *All Live VIP Days are held in Boulder, Colorado with Erica. 

*Virtual VIP Days are held via Zoom video.


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What clients are saying…

My VIP Day with Erica was a total game-changer!

I started the day with the hope that I'd have a game-plan and outline for my signature workshop, and I finished the day with so much more - a comprehensive workshop that showcases my unique expertise (and that can be hosted both in-person *and* virtually), personalized materials for my attendees to use during the workshop, rock-solid templates for pitching my workshop, a list of prospective venues in my area, tools and techniques for marketing my event, plus a newfound sense of confidence in my ability to grow my business and to reach my ideal clients. 

As a new coach and business owner with big dreams of maximizing my impact and service, Erica's VIP Day was absolutely invaluable! I can't recommend it enough!

~ Toni Isles



"My VIP day with Erica was amazing because she believed in me, my vision and it showed from the time we starting working together. She helped me to feel confident throughout the entire process as she was there every step of the way. During our VIP Day we created a business plan and specific action steps to help launch and grow my business and start getting consistent clients TODAY.

I received all the tools needed to run a successful business; meanwhile,
Erica helped me to eliminate a lot of the stress and anxiety that I was experiencing. She brought out the best in me and taught me ways to reach my fullest potential with no limits. Working with Erica was the best investment in myself that I’ve made and look forward to working with her again in the future."

~ Shekenna Chapman



"Erica is truly one of the most talented coaches I have had the pleasure of working with. I signed up for Erica’s VIP day after attempting to put together a workshop on my own and being completely stalled in my progress for several months in a row. In a matter of mere hours Erica took a project that was completely overwhelming in my mind and broke it down into easily digestible chunks that were not only eye opening but FUN to absorb and work with! With her help I have been able to (finally!) create a template for my health and wellness workshop in a way that truly represents my vision and re-defines the reason I started this journey. I am so lucky to have Erica in my corner and would recommend the VIP Day for anyone who is feeling challenged or just needs an extra edge to move forward and bring their vision into reality. Thank you for all you do Erica, I can’t imagine my life without you!!"

~ Afsheen Shah

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At the end of the day you’ll leave with:

  • A simple step-by-step plan on what actions to take and when (and I mean simple - you’ll be able to start implementing TODAY). 

  • Resources, checklists, done-for-you templates so you can get straight onto getting big results for your business (these are exactly what I use in my own business so proven to create results!).

  • Clarity on exactly where you’re headed and why. You’ll be reconnected to your purpose and your vision and you’ll know what your next steps are.

  • A reason to pop that bottle of champagne because you’ll be celebrating the success you’re about to create!

  • Some pretty freaking amazing pictures if you choose to adventure to Colorado for your VIP Day!

 Schedule your free consultation and find out which VIP Day is best for you and your business!

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