A Soul Realignment Session is a reading of your Akashic Records designed to help you realign to who you are at Soul level so you can create the success, abundance, love, and happiness you desire.


What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are like a database of information about every lifetime, and every choice in every lifetime, that you have made since your Soul was first created. Pretty cool, right?

Most of us are so caught up in our lives and living our human experience that we forget we were a soul first.

“Once we have been re-introduced to who we are as a Soul, we will never be able to see ourselves as just a physical being again.”

~ Andrea Hess

Your soul—the essence of who you are—has often traveled through many lifetimes to make you who you are today. 

By finding out more about your soul’s journey, you can better understand, heal, and thrive in this life now.


Just when I thought I knew myself, an Akashic Record session with Erica opened up limitless possibilities for me to embody life at a soul level. 

My reading allowed me to see things that I intuitively knew but did not fully take to be true. I am so excited to take ownership of this and to see what unfolds next while I clear my belief patterns from my soul blueprint. 

I can't highly recommend having a reading enough if you're wanting to understand yourself at a deeper level than you have no choice but to say YES, and Erica will guide you through the process beautifully. Serious Game-Changer!

~Lizzie Moult


As seen in…

we’ll uncover your Divine gifts

(you soul’s purpose)

This session is called a Soul Realignment Session where we discover who you are at Soul level and you’ll receive guidance on how you can return to your true Divine nature, and find out how you best manifest abundance in your life and business (if you have one). 

This information about your Soul’s purpose and gifts guides you to build the skillset behind your gifts, so you can more easily create financial success, joy in your relationships, and keep you on the path of fulfilling your life purpose.  

“Access those aspects of your Soul's true essence that can bring you awareness, guidance and understanding.”

~ Andrea Hess

This type of session is not for people who are simply curious about what's in their Akashic Records. This session and clearing is designed for people who want to actually make a transformation in their life - so it's combined with a mini coaching session as well.

I’ll guide you in this session how to make new choices so you can actually create the success, health, relationships, business, financial wealth, and beautiful life you know you’re destined to live.

A Soul Realignment Session can assist your soul healing journey in several ways.


It will help you to:

  • Know your Divine gifts (your soul purpose) and how you best manifest abundance

  • Identify your soul’s core traits that are inherent to your Divine nature - the skills for which your Soul was innately designed,

  • The number of Spirit Guides in your inner circle

  • Better understand how you show up in relationships with others,

  • Explain why no matter how much personal development work you do, you still find yourself stuck in certain areas and feeling certain ways (i.e. self-doubt, self-criticism, fear, etc)

  • Recognize any blocks to achieving your goals and highest potential, and

  • Express your true self out into the world so you can spread love and light in your own unique way.


At the time of booking your Soul Realignment Reading & Clearing, I will need the following information from you, to access your Akashic Records:

  • Full name currently, full name at birth, date of birth, place of birth.

  • I will then access your Akashic Records and obtain the information on my own time. You’ll book a 1 ½ hour phone call where together we’ll go through the information I found.

  • You will receive a LOT of information about who you are at Soul level, and the blocks and restrictions you have faced, so the call will be recorded for you to listen again in the future if you wish.

  • I will clear your Akashic Records for you, and also assign you a brief, customized “homework” for you to do for 21 days straight, to complete the clearing process and allow this to integrate into your subconscious (which makes it easier to start making NEW choices!). This is when true transformation is possible.

  • As you continue your "homework" for the 21 days, you will start to notice energetic changes, some subtle and some possibly quite profound. These changes can be at any level: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

  • These changes, or shifts, will allow you to begin creating for yourself, through positive choices, the abundant life that you desire and deserve.


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It’s pretty remarkable knowing there’s an original home waiting for us


This was the first time I got my Akashic reading and it was so on point! The world will try to tell you who you are and what to believe, but there are some things that nag at you and you know are true even if you can’t explain it. 

There were certain feelings that I always had about the universe, being on earth and my purpose and the reading Erica did gave me confirmation, understanding and clarity, about everything I was feeling. It’s pretty remarkable knowing there’s an original home waiting for us if we chose to go back there one day. 

I’m so glad I got my reading done as it helped me trust in God, the universe and myself even more. Im so thankful for this awakening of understanding, purpose and clarity that Erica helped uncover.

-Jasmine Irons Anokute


OMG! WOW!!!!

Erica, this was amazing. Thank you so much for this reading. I don't even have words besides SPOT ON! This was so extremely powerful for me. 

I realized I have always known that my gifts and talents were through speaking and connection. However, I always felt that was my ego and not my gifts. So I felt bad desiring an "audience". It was honestly relieving to read that. 

To know that my inner voice wasn't steering me wrong. There is so much I want to say and yet I don't even know where to begin. I'll start with a big thank you to you for doing this and sharing your gift with me. I can't wait to see what unfolds next. 

~ Liz Pessaran


I am now the unstoppable force that I was always destined to be


The akashic record reading that Erica did for me was enlightening, liberating, and earth-shaking. Every word she said felt like she was truly reading my soul, and every single thing she brought forward felt like it rang true from a place of deep inner knowing. 

Some recurring patterns and frustrations in my life that I have been trying to solve in a myriad of ways were explained in a way that makes so much sense. I feel like I have been set free and that I am now the unstoppable force that I was always destined to be. 

Erica's clear explanations and gentle, soothing manner truly created a safe space for me to receive and integrate the information. She is the real deal, and I believe everyone in the world should have a reading done!

~Mandy Sciacchitano

i feel like my life was just put together


Gahhhhhh this is insane. I’m letting it all sink in and i feel like my life was just put together

Also - I told Adrew about my soul group and he said i knew you were from the Stars. Like the amount you talk about them and just stare at them, I just knew it.”“

~Megan Seamans

I feel like some missing pieces have been found

I am feeling wonderful thank you. The home work is on track and i want to do it more than once a day I feel like some missing pieces have been found and that my energy is being restored in a deeper way. Thank you so much i truly enjoyed the session and the learnings. I can’t wait to live this unfolding with this new energy and opportunity!

~Maree Eddings


I was once again surprised at how much it was
impacting me.


"My Akashic Records Reading and Clearing session with Erica blew my mind! I know I shouldn’t be so surprised that it was me in detail in the reading, but I was still shocked.

It brought out a lot of emotions and helped me to understand why I do what I do. When doing my clearing homework, I was once again surprised at how much it was impacting me.

I am truly feeling the freedom from the reading. I recommend everyone gets this done – it will give you a new perspective on you – which I found to be extremely valuable!"

~Karen Romine

I learned in this process assisted me further, and deeper


"As I journeyed through my dark side and really faced and walked into the fear, Erica mentioned her Akashic Records session and I had to sign up! What I learned in this process assisted me further, and deeper, in exploring what had been holding me back in my business. I was able to move through that and remove the energy that was blocking parts of me. I highly recommend Erica's Akashic records reading if you are struggling to move through your "stuckness" like I was. I had been here before, many times but it was moving through this deeper piece that where I was clearly hung up! It took a while but we worked through it and when I came out the other side....well let's just say I've never looked back."

~Susan Hoyle

I’m going in the right direction in my career and in my life


"Erica helped to clarify some inner thoughts I had and to affirm for me that I’m going in the right direction in my career and in my life. After our session, I felt so much more grounded and at peace! This was another piece of the puzzle I needed to fully understand ME. I highly recommend you have this work done with Erica!"

~Anne Desjardins

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on sale now!! $189