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5 Simple steps to

your dream career 


You don’t have to struggle any longer!

Follow these 5 simple steps to get our of your meaningless job and into a career or biz you are super passionate about that allows you to earn a living doing what you absolutely love – what you were put on earth to do – starting right now!

This FREE Printable Workbook will: 

  • Guide you step-by-step

  • Help you find clarity on what careers or businesses likely fit you

  • Give you tools to make a seamless career change

  • Show you how to get there fast

This workbook will empower you to:

  • Open you heart

  • Reconnect with your soul

  • Ignite your passions

  • Find alignment with who you are and what you were put on earth to do

Get me out of my meaningless career!

what people are saying about the workbook

filled with tools and resources to create an action plan

Foley Mackey

"This workbook is a beautiful reflection of Erica and her style of coaching! The questions really got me thinking about how I want to design my life and the tools and resources provided helped build an action plan to implement it. The workbook format is “just for me” which made it easy to work through the questions from a place of honest reflection. The workbook is a great tool for checking in to see what areas you may already be living in your “zone of genius”, and where you might benefit from some additional support”

                                                                                       foley mackey


Stop dreaming and start taking action

"Erica’s 5 step workbook inspired me to fully step into my passions and realize that I AM made for more!! It really encourages you to stop dreaming and start taking action. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to step out of their current career and into something that makes you feel more alive!"

megan seamans

Megan Seamans
Alana Shegog


The perfect tool to for your dream career journey

"Erica’s 5 Steps to your Dream Career workbook is the perfect tool to getting started on your career journey. It helped me organised my thoughts and get clear on my passions, intentions and next steps to designing the life I've always dreamt of." 

Alana Shegog


Jenna Marie

So many resources and tips about how to get there with a strategy

"5 Steps to Your Dream Career has been created with so much love and intention, I could feel it throughout each and every page I read. The workbook really got me thinking, it got me out of my head and into my heart - this is itself was so transformational! Erica has used powerful questions which helped me get clear on what I want then shared so many resources and tips about how to get there, with a strategy. Highly recommend for anyone ready to get out of there own way and create their dream career - the one they truly deserve."

Jenna Maree

Amanda Templeton


a Useful tool for someone looking to do what they love and get paid for it

"What an amazingly thoughtful resource. Such a useful first step for someone looking to do what they LOVE and get paid for it. The questionnaire really made me think about the bigger picture and focus on what truly lights me up. I felt so much less overwhelmed after completing it!! Thank you Erica!!"

Amanda templeton

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Everyone deserves to earn a living doing
something they love.